King of Juicy

Medjoul Dates

Straight from the palm plantations, comes the new date king

King of Juicy – a giant Medjoul date with rich flavor

creamy texture and exceptional juiciness

King of Juicy Medjoul Dates

The King of Juicy Medjoul Date is known for its contribution to reducing blood cholesterol and its assistance to improving heart and digestive system functioning, all thanks to its high concentration of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

King of Juicy is supplied in its natural form, as it was picked. It does not undergo industrial processing and does not contain artificial ingredients. Its natural structure rules out the need for preservatives. The Medjoul can be chilled or frozen in order to retain its flavor and nutritional values over time.

The King of Juicy has an addicting sweet flavor that tantalizes the palate. Many consider it a healthy snack, suitable for kids too, and it serve as a pampering dessert when hosting.



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